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How much you could save with KiddiVouchers

Examples of childcare voucher savings

The table below shows examples of the annual savings which childcare vouchers can provide, based on a standard salary sacrifice scheme. Both parents can use childcare vouchers, so families can enjoy double the savings shown.

Annual salary (after deducting your childcare vouchers)Monthly childcare voucher order
0 to 50,000
50,001 to 150,000
252504624 (Based on maximum higher-rate order of 124 a month)
282564 (Based on maximum additional-rate order of 97 a month)620 (Based on maximum additional-rate order of 110 a month)

If you signed up for childcare vouchers before 6th April 2011 and you haven't changed your employer or had a break from vouchers lasting more than 12 months, then you can order up to 243 a month of childcare vouchers even if you are a higher or additional-rate taxpayer.

Your savings from childcare vouchers will depend on your own circumstances, so the savings shown above are for general guidance only. Childcare vouchers can affect your entitlement to tax credits, so please check whether you would be better off with tax credits before signing up for childcare vouchers. You can access HMRC's online calculator by clicking here or contact the tax credits helpline on 0345 300 3900. Childcare vouchers can also affect your entitlement to state benefits, such as Statutory Maternity Pay. For more information on how childcare vouchers can affect your benefits, please visit our guide to salary sacrifice.

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