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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost to run a KiddiVouchers scheme?

Our administration fee is 4.5% of the total face value of vouchers. VAT is payable on the administration fee, but not on the vouchers. There is no initial set-up fee and there are no other ongoing charges.

Why is KiddiVouchers so much cheaper than other voucher providers?

KiddiVouchers is an efficient company and our administration fee is a reasonable reflection of our costs. Our aim is to always offer the best quality of service, regardless of the low administration charge.

Is there a minimum number of scheme members?

KiddiVouchers schemes can be set up even if only one employee is currently interested in joining. The administration fee is 4.5% regardless of the number of scheme members.

What are the minimum and maximum voucher amounts allowed?

The maximum voucher amounts are 55 a week or 243 a month for basic-rate taxpayers, 29 a week or 124 a month for higher-rate taxpayers and 22 per week or 97 a month for additional rate taxpayers. Where employees require a higher amount of vouchers, they can top up their accounts by purchasing vouchers from us direct. There is no minimum voucher amount.

If my company starts a KiddiVouchers scheme, how long will we be tied in for?

There is no tie-in period for KiddiVouchers schemes and no minimum contract period. We just ask for 30 days notice if you decide to close your scheme.

What happens if one of my employees' childcare providers isn't registered with KiddiVouchers?

When employees join your KiddiVouchers scheme, they are asked to provide details of their childcare provider. If their childcare provider is not already on our database, we will send them an information pack and invite them to register. Your employees can choose to not receive vouchers until their childcare provider has registered.

Are childcare providers normally happy to register with KiddiVouchers?

Childcare providers usually respond very quickly to an invitation to register with KiddiVouchers. When KiddiVouchers makes a payment to a carer, their bank statement will show a clear reference which includes the child's surname. There is also a facility for parents to enter the carer's own reference number when making a payment, and this reference will also appear on the carer's bank statement. When carers provide KiddiVouchers with their email address, they will be notified of each payment by email. They can also log in to their own KiddiVouchers account to view all transactions.

What happens if an employee's childcare costs exceed the amount of vouchers they receive?

Any balance of childcare costs can be paid to the carer by the employee. Alternatively, the employee can top up their voucher account by purchasing vouchers from us direct.

Does KiddiVouchers provide paper forms or contract variations for salary sacrifice schemes?

There is usually no need for paper forms, because KiddiVouchers schemes are normally administered online. When employers start a salary sacrifice scheme, they are asked to accept that whenever an employee joins the scheme there will be a specific change in that employee's contract of employment. When employees choose to receive childcare vouchers, they are asked to accept a statement which includes an explanation of how their employment contract is being amended. KiddiVouchers will maintain a record of this statement and the dates on which the employer and employee agree to the contract amendment. In most cases, this is sufficient evidence of a contract variation. However, if your company would like employees to physically sign a contract amendment, then we are happy to provide copies of the agreement for this purpose.

Any other questions?

Please email your question to or phone 0800 612 4395. The KiddiVouchers team are always happy to help.