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Information for Employers

Please click on the links to download information for employers:

Employer Information Pack - how KiddiVouchers schemes work

Guide to Basic Earnings Assessments - how we make it easier to comply with the April 2011 legislation

Accounting for VAT on your childcare voucher scheme - how the January 2012 changes could affect your scheme

Discussion document - VAT on your childcare voucher scheme - further VAT guidance for larger employers

Information for Small Businesses - for parents who work for their own company

Standard Scheme Rules - including answers to frequently asked questions. These rules can be amended to suit your own needs and circumstances - just let us know the changes you require.

Payroll Guidance - procedures for salary sacrifice schemes

Terms and conditions

Information for Parents - for parents whose employer already runs a KiddiVouchers salary sacrifice scheme

External technical guidance:

Earnings assessments - Guidance from HMRC

Agency relationships - to help employers decide whether they need to account for VAT on their childcare voucher scheme

Agency relationships - further detail for VAT accounting

VAT calculations - for employers who need to perform a partial exemption calculation