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Facts and figures

The tax-exempt childcare voucher allowance

Childcare vouchers are tax-exempt up to the following limits:

  • 55 a week (243 a month) for basic-rate taxpayers and employees who joined the scheme before 6th April 2011*
  • 28 a week (124 a month) for higher-rate taxpayers
  • 25 a week (110 a month) for additional-rate taxpayers

We conduct preliminary earnings screening when employees join the scheme, to help assess their voucher allowance. To find out more about how we help employers with earnings assessments, please click here.

*Pre-April 2011 members can order the full allowance of childcare vouchers even if they are higher-rate taxpayers, as long as they have not had a break of more than 52 weeks from the scheme or moved to a new employer.

Childcare voucher savings

Childcare vouchers save basic-rate taxpayers up to 933 a year. Both parents can use childcare vouchers, to enjoy double the savings. We provide a savings calculator to help parents understand the benefit of childcare vouchers. You can access the calculator by clicking here.

Employers save National Insurance contributions of up to 402 a year per scheme member. Find out how much you could save with our online calculator.

Our standard fee is just 4.5%, which means employers retain the vast majority of their National Insurance savings.

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