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What does running a childcare voucher scheme involve?

Many employers outsource the day-to-day running of their childcare voucher scheme to a specialist administrator such as KiddiVouchers.

With a KiddiVouchers scheme, employers don't have any contact with childcare providers. Instead, the total amount of vouchers is paid to KiddiVouchers. We then distribute the vouchers to employees and handle payments to the childcare providers.

If your scheme involves a salary sacrifice arrangement, employees will request a salary reduction in exchange for receiving vouchers. We help you to adjust your payroll by providing details of the salary reduction requested by each employee.

Employers choose how often their employees can vary the amount of vouchers they receive, so payroll adjustments could be needed just once a year.

To make full use of our facilities, employees need occasional access to the internet. However, employees who don't have internet access can participate fully through our telephone helpline or paper vouchers.

Offering a KiddiVouchers scheme to your staff couldn't be simpler. Whether you have just one employee or thousands, your KiddiVouchers scheme can be up and running within hours. There are no paper forms for you to fill in or collect from your employees. Download our employer information pack to find out how easy it is to set up a scheme.

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