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How can I use KiddiVouchers to pay my childcare provider?

You can choose to pay your childcare provider with e-vouchers or with paper vouchers. If you use e-vouchers, we will pay your carer in accordance with your instructions, without them needing to redeeem the vouchers. If you use paper vouchers, your carer will need to redeem the vouchers online or by phone before we can process the payment.

Whether you opt for e-vouchers or paper vouchers, your childcare provider can ask us to make payments straight into their bank account. If we make a payment into their bank account, we will quote a reference of their choice (such as your surname). We will also send them a payment notification by email or post, to make sure they know you have paid.

Sometimes childcare providers state a preference for e-vouchers or paper vouchers, in which case you will be notified when you try to make a payment.

Using e-vouchers

There are three ways that you can pay your carer with e-vouchers:

Automatic payments

You can ask us to pay your nominated childcare provider automatically. If you choose this option, we will check your account daily and pay any balance across to your carer. We'll email you each time we make a payment.

If you only use one childcare provider and you want all your vouchers to be paid to them, then you will probably find automatic payments to be the most convenient option.

Regular payments

You can set up a regular payment instruction to one or more childcare providers, specifying the amount to be paid, the start date and the frequency.

For example, you could set up a monthly payment of £100 to one childcare provider and a weekly payment of £25 to another childcare provider. We will process the payments automatically. You'll receive an email each time we make a payment, so that you know your instruction has been processed.

One-off payments

You can ask us to make one-off payments to your carers at any time. Just log in to your account when you're ready to make a payment and choose the one-off payment option. Payment requests received by noon are processed on the same day and the money will be in your carer's bank account within three working days.

Using paper vouchers

If you use paper vouchers, we will process the payment when your carer redeems the voucher. Your carer will be paid faster and have less paperwork if you choose e-vouchers instead.

If you or your carer prefer to use paper vouchers, there are three options available:

Print-your-own vouchers

Our print-your-own voucher facility gives you instant access to paper vouchers. You can print a paper voucher for any denomination up to your account balance.

Email vouchers

Alternatively, you can ask us to send you a paper voucher by email, either as a one-off or as a regular order. You can either print the voucher and take it to your carer, or simply forward them the email.

Postal vouchers

If you would prefer, we will send your vouchers by post. You can order a postal voucher as a one-off or set up a regular order.

Topping up your account

If your childcare bill is more than your voucher order, you can pay the balance to your carer direct, for example by cheque or BACS. Alternatively, you can top-up your KiddiVouchers account by setting up a standing order or by using BACS or PayPal (credit card or debit card), so that you can pay your whole bill with childcare vouchers. Most carers prefer to receive one payment for the whole bill, rather than receiving part of the payment in vouchers and the balance separately. You may wish to talk to your carer to find out how they would like you to pay any balance.

When should I pay my childcare provider?

You should ensure your KiddiVouchers payment reaches your childcare provider by the date on which you would normally pay them. For example, if you would normally pay your childcare provider on the 1st of the month then you should request a KiddiVouchers payment at the end of the previous month.

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