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Switching to KiddiVouchers

Why should my company switch to KiddiVouchers?

With no initial set-up fee and a standard administration fee of just 4.5% of the voucher face value, we are sure that KiddiVouchers schemes provide the best value for money for employers. We are so confident that you will be pleased with our service that we don't even impose a minimum contract term.

How much could my company save?

When you switch to KiddiVouchers, we'll work with you to help re-launch your scheme. With a free marketing package for your scheme launch and free ongoing marketing support, we focus on maximising employee engagement. You'll benefit from National Insurance savings worth up to 400 for every additional scheme member, in addition to savings from your reduced administration fees.

How can my company switch to KiddiVouchers?

Switching to KiddiVouchers is easier than you might expect. Simply email to start the process.

What is the impact of switching to KiddiVouchers …

a) …on payroll?

Your payroll should be unaffected by changing to KiddiVouchers, because you simply continue to pay your employees the salaries that they are receiving under their existing salary sacrifice agreement.

Whenever an employee changes the amount of KiddiVouchers they want to receive, we will assist you by highlighting the change in our invoice.

b) …on invoicing?

Each month, instead of paying the voucher amount and administration fee to your current administrator, you simply pay an invoice provided by KiddiVouchers.

c) …on employees?

When you switch to KiddiVouchers, we ask you to provide details of your existing scheme members and the amount of vouchers that they receive. Using this information, we set up a secure online KiddiVouchers account for each member.

We supply your employees with clear step-by-step instructions to help them become familiar with our services and we can also provide individual help where necessary.

Any childcare providers who are not already known to KiddiVouchers will need to register, which can be done online or by phone. Your employees can then use their vouchers to make one-off or regular online payments, or they can print the vouchers to pay their childcare provider as usual.

Our focus is on efficient, user-friendly services and we will do everything possible to make sure your employees are happy with the change.

Call us on 0800 612 6110 or click here to set up a scheme.