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What types of childcare can KiddiVouchers be used for?

KiddiVouchers can be used to pay for many kinds of childcare, including:

  • Nurseries, pre-school and playgroups
  • Childminders
  • Holiday play-schemes
  • Before and after-school care
  • Nannies and au-pairs
  • The eligibility criteria vary between the different regions of the UK, so please call us on 0800 612 4395 if you have any queries.

    Can I use KiddiVouchers to pay more than one childcare provider?

    There's no limit to the number of childcare providers you pay with vouchers, and it's easy to add childcare providers to your voucher account. You can also set up different payment instructions for each of your childcare providers. For example, you can choose to pay one carer with paper vouchers and another with e-vouchers.

    How can I check whether my childcare provider is eligible to accept KiddiVouchers?

    When you sign up for KiddiVouchers, we will check that your childcare provider is eligible to receive the vouchers. If you want to check first, ask your carer if they are registered or approved by any of the following authorities:

  • Ofsted (England)
  • The Care Inspectorate (Scotland)
  • The Care Standards Inspectorate (Wales)
  • Local Health and Social Services Trusts (Northern Ireland)
  • Childcare Approval Scheme for Wales
  • If your childcare is provided by a school or local authority then, depending where you live, you may be able to use childcare vouchers even if the care provider isn't registered with one of these authorities.

    Full details of the childcare provider eligibility rules can be found in this HMRC guidance note.

    You can't use childcare vouchers to pay for private education, but it's fine to use them for nurseries or out-of-school clubs which are attached to private schools.

    Can KiddiVouchers be used for nannies, babysitters or care by relatives?

    In England, childcare given in the child's own home by an approved carer or by a carer from a registered agency can be paid for using KiddiVouchers as long as the carer is not a relative of the child. Nannies in England can easily become eligible to accept vouchers by registering with the voluntary Ofsted register.

    In Scotland, all childcare agencies including nanny and babysitter services are registered and care provided by agencies in a child's own home is eligible as long as the carer is not a relative of the child. Nannies who work independently, rather than through an agency, cannot accept childcare vouchers in Scotland.

    In Wales nannies need to be registered with the Childcare Approval Scheme for Wales.

    In Northern Ireland carers need to be registered with their local Health and Social Services Trust.

    Childcare provided by a relative away from the child's home can be paid for with KiddiVouchers as long as the relative is registered or approved and is also caring for unrelated children.

    Will my nursery or carer accept KiddiVouchers?

    Most childcare providers are happy to accept KiddiVouchers and we have arrangements in place with all the leading childcare chains.

    When you sign up for KiddiVouchers, we'll ask you for the name and address of your childcare provider. If your carer isn't already on our database, we'll send them a simple registration form on your behalf. In the unlikely event of your childcare provider not accepting KiddiVouchers, we will provide a full refund of your vouchers.

    It takes less than 10 minutes for a childcare provider to register with KiddiVouchers. There's no small print and it doesn't cost them a penny. We treat the needs of childcare providers as a priority, and we are happy to guarantee fast payment processing and clear payment notifications.

    What if my childcare costs vary from month-to-month?

    Some employers allow their employees to change their voucher order each month, but often employers ask their employees to choose a fixed voucher amount for three months, six months or a year. If you have variable childcare costs, it can be tricky to work out the right amount of childcare vouchers to order. We can help you to understand your employer's childcare voucher scheme rules ... and we can also help you to work out the right amount of childcare vouchers to suit your needs. Please call us on 0800 612 4395 to find out more.

    Can I save up my childcare vouchers?

    Yes, you can save up your vouchers in your KiddiVouchers account, helping you to budget for termly fees, holiday childcare or future childcare costs. Childcare vouchers can be used until the September after your child's 15th birthday (or 16th birthday if your child is disabled). Your childcare vouchers will not expire until your child ceases to be eligible for vouchers.

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