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Information for Parents

How can I use KiddiVouchers to pay my childcare provider?

There are three ways that you can use KiddiVouchers to pay your childcare provider:

  • Regular payments: If you set up a regular payment, we will pay your childcare provider automatically. You can choose how often your carer is paid (eg every week or every month) and you can tell us the date on which the first payment should be made. Please allow 4 working days for payments to clear in your childcare provider's bank account.

  • One-off payments: You can request a one-off electronic payment from your KiddiVouchers account at any time. The payment will normally be processed within 24 hours and should clear in your carer's bank account within 4 working days.

  • Paper vouchers: If you or your carer prefer to use paper vouchers, then you can print your own vouchers from your KiddiVouchers account. The vouchers will show your name and your childcare provider's name. You can request vouchers of any denomination, up to your account balance.

    When should I pay my childcare provider?

    You should ensure your KiddiVouchers payment reaches your childcare provider by the date on which you would normally pay them. For example, if you would normally pay your childcare provider on the 1st of the month then you should request a KiddiVouchers payment at the end of the previous month.